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J.C. plays a 1972 Fender “Telecaster Deluxe” he purchased from Mark Barker in Chico, California. He also plays a Fender 1105 SXE Acoustic Electric Guitar. Other favorite Instruments include his Fender, “Merle Haggard Tuff Dog Tele” (Number 11 of 12) designed by Mark Kendrick and crafted at the Nashville Fender Custom Shop. This guitar was a gift from “Hag” and Ken McGruder.  Cody also has a  rare Fender Acoustic which is  # 3 of only seven made.   The Guitar on the cover of the “Don’t You Think It’s Time” album is his 1940’s Model “TrueTone” Acoustic.  J.C. also takes along his  Iida Five String Banjo.


J.C. plays  his Tele 's through two 1965 Re-issue Fender Twin Reverbs. He stacks them and runs them with identical equalization.

Cody plays his acoustic guitars through two Fender Acoustisonic amps with a stereo set up.


Cody uses the Digitech X Series Compressor, Digital Delay and Hot Rod distortion pedals.


J.C. uses the "E.T.K." (Easy Tuning Kit), which fit on top of his existing "Schalers". They give him a little more sustain and are quickly de-tuned. Because they're round, they are always in just the right position to grab in an instant.