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“Congratulations to a talented artist, John Cody Carter. I believe John to be a fine genuine young man. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John for many years. In fact, I put him through my school of music. Ole Hag here has listened to, appraised, examined, and enjoyed his new CD release containing 11 songs entitled, “Don’t You Think It’s Time”. I am proud to say my wife and I give this record a “Thumbs Up”! For the consumer there is a lot of love and meaning in the words of the songs. You can hear the West Coast influence particularly in the shuffles. I’m also proud to say that John wrote or co-wrote most of the songs for the record. My favorites are “Don’t Walk Out On Me”, and “Stop Right Where We Are”.

“ A Thumbs Up”…     
  -  Merle Haggard