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Recording Artist

John Cody Carter has recorded five Cd's.

"When It Rains It Pours"  - 1984

Recorded at: Hilltop Recording Studio, Nashville TN.

 Released on: Lone Oak Records.

 Produced by:  John Cody Carter / Jeff Newman


"Coming Up The Hardway" - 1986

Recorded at: Pedernales Recording Studio / Briar Cliff, TX.

Not Released.

Produced by:  Freddy Powers / John Cody Carter

Tracking Engineers: Larry Greenhill / Bobby Arnold.



"Don't You Think It's Time"  - 1996-1997

Recorded at:  The Castle - Franklin, TN / Big Havolina  Nashville TN. / Ardent Recording Studios: Memphis TN.

For: Warner Brothers Records.  Released on Yell Records.

Produced by: John Cody Carter / Gregg Brown.

Tracking Engineer: Justin Neibank / Jim Demaine

Mixing Engineer: John Hampton - Ardent Studios  Memphis TN.

Mastered at : Georgetown Mastering.


"I've Got A Couple More Years On You" 2008

Recorded at: Merle Haggard's Talley Studios - Palo Cedro, California /

The Castle Recording Studio - Franklin TN. / The Swamp - Stratford, Ontario.

Release:  Forthcoming.

Produced by: John Cody Carter

Tracking Engineers: Lou Bradley / Jay Reihl / John Cody Carter

Mixing Engineers: Richard Barrow / John Hampton (Ardent Studios).

Mastered at: Yes Master by Jim Demane.


"Tell The World"  2008

Recorded at Tres Ninos Recording Studio - MT. Juliet, TN.

Release: Forthcoming.

Produced by: John Cody Carter

Tracking Engineer: John Cody Carter

Mixing Engineer: Richard Barrow.

Mastered at : Yes Master by Jim Demaine.


Cody has recorded duets with Willie Nelson (“California Here I Come”) and Merle Haggard (“It’s Such A Pretty World Today”).



J.C.C. penned the top 40 single “When It Rains It Pours” recorded by Merle Haggard. This was Merle’s first single from the Curb Records Album Blue Jungle. It is one of the songs on the current Curb Records compilation CD Merle Haggard Best Of The ‘90’s Volume One. You can find the sheet music to " When It Rains It Pours" in the Merle Haggard Anthology Book, Published by Hal Leonard.

J.C.C. was a staff writer for Merle Haggard’s, Inorbit Music Publishing, in Palo Cedro, California. In the '90's Paul Worley and Ree Guyer signed J.C.C. to a co-publishing writer/artist deal with Tree Publishing (now Sony/ATV Publishing) and Wrensong Publishing. In 1993 Ree Guyer signed Cody to an exclusive writer/artist deal with Wrensong Publishing. In 1997 Cody signed a co-publishing deal between Famous Music Publishing, Wrensong Publishing, and his own company Tres Ninos Publishing.

Cody has co-written music with Dottie West, Freddy Powers, Red Lane, Whitey Schaeffer, Jim McBride, Kim Williams, Jim Weatherly, Sheb Wooley, Sam Hogin, Billy Montana, Dean Miller, Tony Mullins, Randy Boudreaux, Sandy Ramos, Dude Mowrey, Roy Hurd, Dale Dodson, Lisa Palas, and many songs with his long time friend and mentor Hank Cochran.